Saturday, January 12, 2013

Immigration into the US of A

I’ve flown direct into via a few US cities in my lifetime – San Francisco, New York (multiple times) and Los Angeles (multiple times) and have always wondered where the horror stories about long lines at immigration came from – this time at Miami International I discovered their source… Queuing for over 2 hours had many people in the line very frustrated – in the UK this would be headline news, but it appears to be accepted in the USA – at least it was “equal opportunity”  - the queues for American Citizens, US resident non-citizens and “other visitors” where all equally long….

Miami airport also takes my personal record for longest walk from the gate to immigration/luggage collection, previously held by JFK, beaten by some distance and added to by 10+ slow walks repeatedly left and right, up and down the immigration hall in the queue! At least there was absolutely no chance I’d have to wait for my luggage at the carousel!

I hope the long queue isn’t a sign that the travel gods aren’t with me on this journey – there is lots of opportunity for them to have adverse or favourable influences on the smoothness of my progress round the world….

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