Friday, January 11, 2013

Round the world for a second time

To bring to a close my “middle aged gap year+”, I’m embarking on a 2nd trip round the world – making use of the great value of a One World Round the World Ticket – allowing you to visit up to 16 airports round the world for less than the cost of 2 long haul returns…

My itinerary this year includes 14 flights, 6 trains journeys and two long bus transfers – no ferries this time. The countries on the journey are the United States, Australia, South Africa (for two short stop overs), Botswana and Zimbabwe. I’m revisiting some of the places I either only saw briefly, or seamed to have more to share plus 6 places new to my round the world journeying.

Being a month earlier – I’m expecting New York to be colder than it was last year, and having the windy city, Chicago, on the route carrying the cold weather cloths needed for skiing less of a luxury than it was last time.

Having three more “warm” cities in the USA on the schedule – Miami, Las Vegas and San Francisco (Replacing LA last time) and Honolulu, together with the fact I’ll be in Australia a month earlier than last time, means my secondary aim of escaping the British winter isn’t compromised by too many wintery locations in America – or being in Australia/New Zealand in their autumn while spring is starting in London – autumn in southern Africa is going to be warmer than the warmest of summers in the UK….

There are bound to be lots of photos and I hope to be more regular in blogging as I go, some post might be augmented with pictures after they are initial published – Facebook and Twitter will get regular micro updates and Four Square will record as many of the places I visit possible….

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